9 Non-toxic ways to make your home smell better(1 min read)

The most obvious ways of getting your home to smell better after a cold winter is opening windows and keeping it clean.  However, those one want to go the extra mile and get it smelling like a favorite scent might not always be easy if it’s toxic.


Eucalyptus – I like to put branches in my closet and I use them in pottery as décor and replace when the scent starts to fade. I also like to combine water and Eucalyptus oil and use as a furniture polish. Eucalyptus oil is known to clear congestion in sinuses.


Lemons – I cut lemons in half and place them on my dresser in a bowl. Not only is it cheerful, it sure smells good. Putting lemon rinds in your garbage disposal is a great way of getting that smell out of the sink. You can also use lemons mixed with baking soda in the bathroom to clean and disinfect it. Rosemary mixed with lemon oil and water in a mason jar is one of my favorites.  Or you can get more inspirational and mix your own ingredients and see what you come up with.

White Vinegar – Using vinegar in my home to clean a variety of things. IT is safe and non-toxic and I don’t have to worry about any toxins.

Baking Soda – Yes, the stuff we put in our refrigerators works wonders at taking away bad odors and freshening the air in our homes.

Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon – Purchase sticks of cinnamon and bring them to a boil on your stove top.


Flowers – Flowers are cheerful and smell wonderful. A nice way to a fresh smelling room.

Plants – Purchase some air purifying plants.

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Dried Lavender – Lavender not only smells wonderful but the calming effects from the scent are relaxing.

Vanilla – Vanilla has a nice calming smell that can enhance a rooms’ scent beautifully.