9 Hand and Body Lotions that are Organic and Fabulous

Desert Essence Coconut Hand and Body Lotion

I am always purchasing new products to find what works best with my skin and of course, it needs to be organic.  With that in mind, my latest try was the Deserts Essence products.  One, in particular, being the Coconut Hand and Body Lotion. It was absolutely fabulous and thought I’d share it with you.

What I really enjoy about this lotion is it doesn’t give me that oily feeling and its light in consistency. My skin is dry which makes this cream ideal for people with dry skin. It absorbs really well, leaving my skin moisturized and soft.

It has a nice coconut aroma to it, which I like. For those who don’t like the scent, Desert Essence has another hand and body lotion you may enjoy Desert Essence Pure Hand and Body Lotion Unscented. The unscented lotion doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily either. And with no coconut scent, it might just be the right choice for you.


Below is a list of others they carry that you may enjoy:

  • Island Mango Hand and Body Lotion
  • Italian Lemon Hand and Body Lotion
  • Tropical Coconut Hand and Body Lotion
  • Coconut Lime Hand and Body Lotion
  • Bulgarian Lavender Hand and Body Lotion
  • Spicy Vanilla Chia Hand and Body Lotion
  • Sweet Almond Hand and Body Lotion

They also have a hand and foot repair cream:

  • Pumpkin Spice Hand Repair Cream
  • Perfect Pistachio Foot Repair

Other reasons I love their products are:

  • All our products are 100% vegetarian
  • No animal testing
  • Most of all their products are gluten free. Please read all labels to determine if that particular product is or is NOT gluten free.
  • They are a Certified B Corporation