If You’re A Mature Woman And You Aren’t Using This, You Need It!

Reviva Labs Primer

Looking in the mirror each day and seeing yourself age isn’t easy.  We’ve all seen cosmetic surgery that has gone bad and I personally am not going to take that chance!   Now, if I can make them disappear a bit, why the heck not?

I tried a lot of primers on the market and some didn’t work at all and some did a little. Some are thicker than others and I don’t like a thick feeling primer. The best one I found was Reviva Labs Makeup Primer. I use it after I put on my moisturizer. They say you can use it as a moisturizer and primer, but I don’t.

I think it works great with my skin type, which is normal.  I also put it on my neck and then I use a little foundation on top of it and it really, truly has been great for making my neck look younger.  If you’re satisfied with how you look in makeup, wait till you see how good you look with Reviva New Makeup Primer under your makeup.

It conceals pores, fills in my lines and controls excess oil if you have an oily face. It also helps my foundation stay on longer without that 6 to 8 hour look that I use to get with other brands. It also makes my skin feel smooth.

What I really enjoy is that it contains COQ10 which works as a protective antioxidant and is free of animal testing.

How to Apply Primer

Cleanse your skin and pat dry. Use your normal moisturizer and eye cream and allow it to be absorbed.

Decide which area you want to apply the primer to first. Use small amounts to minimize lines and wrinkles.

You could start around the eyes by blending and gently patting the eyes. Make sure you leave an even surface (no rubbing) when applying the primer that way you don’t have an uneven surface.

If you have large pores around your nose they can be easily camouflaged by gently blending and patting.

You can apply primer to your entire face to enhance complexion color, cover age spots, freshen pale looking skin or just to your problem areas of wrinkles.

When you have finished applying the primer, go ahead and continue with your foundation for a smooth and bright complexion. You’ll be amazed.











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