Turmeric/curcumin and the medicinal healing it provides


Turmeric-powderTurmeric a spice and medicinal herb have been used in India for thousands of years. It contains compounds with medicinal compounds called curcuminoids. These 3 are called desmethoxycurcumin, bis-desmethoxycurcumin and the most important molecule is called curcumin. Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory and can help in humans against numerous cancer types and helpful with side effects of type 2 diabetes.

Most studies used turmeric extracts that are standardized to include large amounts of curcumin which mean when using it, you’ll need a lot. I was reading a study by the NCBI and the trials they have been doing on human beings. Clinical trials based on early cell structure and animal research show that curcumin may be a therapeutic agent in diseases such as pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, and chronic anterior uveitis, as well as certain types of cancer. In some clinical studies, curcumin is showing to have the same benefits or more of an anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drug without the side effects in doses up to 8g of curcuminoids in humans.

Keep in mind that if you go purchase some curcumin it is suggested by  The American Cancer Society to make turmeric/curcumin more effective they reference a book “Natural Strategies for cancer patients, written by Dr. Russell Blaylock advises, to maximize the absorption to take it with olive oil.

Another doctor in an article at The American Cancer Society “Schreiber” (in his book Anti-Cancer), states that “turmeric isn’t absorbed in our bodies unless we cook it in a bit of olive oil (organic and virgin, ideally) and add a dash of black pepper”.

You can also drink it as a tea when combining two grams of turmeric to one cup boiling water or add one teaspoon of turmeric powder to milk.

The links provided above are really interesting if you have the time to read them, I’m sure you’ll see they are a good read.







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