6 scientifically proven ingredients that help with anti-aging topically

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Aging is not a particularly welcomed thing in any facet, but on the surface, we can fight it and if you aren’t, good for you!  When you are shopping at a store or looking online, companies are continuously promising us that their product is going to reduce our wrinkles, but with so many products out there, how do we know which one’s work and which don’t? The ingredients below are helpful, but remember to consider what percentages are needed to make a difference.

  1. Vitamin C – only the SERUM contains hyperpigmentation, tissue inflammation, photoaging, and promotion of tissue healing according to a scientific study.
  2. Niacinamide – has been proven scientifically to be effective to help with wrinkles, yellowing, and elasticity.
  3. Green tea vs Green tea with lotus – has been proven scientifically much more effective than just green tea. These are both helpful for sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and age spots because it contains antioxidants that delay skin signs of aging and it neutralizes harmful free radicals, which increase the signs of aging.
  4. Retinol – (a derivative of vitamin A) and not to be used while pregnant is helpful in reducing photoaging by speeding up cell turnover and boosting collagen production.
  5. Peptides – Stimulate collagen production and provide LONG term aesthetic results.
  6. Hydroxy acids – at 20% have been scientifically proven effective in reducing the scale of psoriatic lesions.

a) HA’s have been clinically proven to be effective in photoaging, acne, ichthyosis,       rosacea, pigmentation disorders, and psoriasis.

b) AHA’s have proven to help with anti-aging and exfoliation.

c) PHA’s is a new generation and has less irritation than AHA’s.


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