9 reasons to use organic cosmetics

Do you know what you are putting on your face and in your body? It absolutely crazy and harmful to you and the environment.

9 reasons to use organic cosmetics

  1. Conventional products contain synthetic, toxins and have harmful side effects. To make sure they are all natural/organic,  EWG (The Environmental Working Group) has a complete database showing you zero to ten on toxicity levels.
  2. Start using products that have natural pigments. This will reduce production of synthetic and chemical dyes.
  3. Start using fragrance-free products, perfumes are full of toxins.
  4. Start avoiding cosmetics that use petrochemicals (ethyls, propyls, methyls, benzene and paraffin wax). By doing this you are not supporting companies with industrial grade ingredients, which in turn depletes non-renewable resources such as coal and petroleum (crude oil).
  5. You’ll be using recyclable packaging when purchasing organic cosmetics or skin care products.
  6. You’ll be contributing to cruelty-free and stop supporting animal testing.
  7. Conventional cosmetics harm the environment.
  8. You’re helping the environment by only purchasing from farming that is environmentally friendly.
  9. Make sure when purchasing that it is USDA certified. There are some cosmetics out there, that state they are USDA certified and are not. Get to know what’s inside what you are using. Research, research!

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