Glass Containers

Now, what do I cook? A suggestion for cooks with no imagination and it’s not a recipe


Tired of trying to come up with new exciting things to eat for the family? It’s difficult, trust me, I know! And then the concerns of organic, GMO’s, dairy, pesticides, gluten free, calories, fat, saturated fat, sugars, blah, blah, blah! Then, which family member can tolerate or not tolerate things do to food intolerance or allergies?  You’re about ready to pull your hair out, right?

I don’t have a recipe or an answer, but I do have a suggestion. Instead of spending hours online, trying to get every ingredient for a recipe down and searching for the new healthiest fad, why not take a couple hours a week and be pro-active. What do I mean by pro-active?  Get those meals ready ahead of time! By being pro-active it will cut done on stress and time for the week. Purchase items that you know you and your family like. Pre-washing, cutting or cooking some things and by putting them in storage containers can save time, as well, as being creative.

I know that I am not the first person to think of this and it’s not my first time thinking of this, but putting it into action is the next step. Not an easy step with being able to just go out to eat (taking an hour or so a week will enable you to cook foods healthier than eating out). Preparing storage containers full of different ingredients such as, carrots, spinach, parsley, cilantro, etc., whatever you cook with. Have some rice, quinoa, potatoes, etc. already cooked and put them in storage containers. This way with, who can eat what, when and how you are making your life easier by having the ingredients ready to rock and roll.  This also makes it easier to be more imaginative by mixing things together that you would have not thought of before.  It’s more fun as well, versus seeing your veggies, meats and just sitting in the drawers or on the shelves and staring at them, trying to think to yourself of what you should put together.


Some people are great as cooks and some need a little shove.  For those who need a little shove, such as myself, I like having things ready to go.  I become more imaginative when I see the things already cut up or cooked in front of me. Plus, it’s aesthetic to the eye and allows me to be more creative. Example: Walking into a regular grocery store versus Whole Foods or Sprouts. Whole Foods or Sprouts, displays everything so nicely and it makes shopping easier. At least for me because it is more pleasing to the eyes to see things easily versus under things in those refrigerator drawers.

Most of this is common sense, but sometimes we can easily forget things and say “oh yeah, I forgot about that”.


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