Hummus or Mayonnaise on your sandwich? Let’s compare!




We were raised on mayonnaise and mayonnaise is a staple in the majority of peoples home. What if there was an alternative to use, as a spread on a sandwich, for example, you hadn’t thought about yet, such as hummus? I’m going to break it down to you and you can make the decision.

Hummus is made from the bean chickpeas in conventional cooking. It has many ingredients that are good for you. Dietary fiber, manganese, protein and B vitamins.

Mayonnaise is made traditionally consists of egg, vinegar, oil, and spices.

The fat content in hummus is mostly from the tahini oil and is approx. 14% of the total and the rest of the 65% is water, 10% protein, and 17% carbohydrates.

There are many different hummus selections out there and the ingredients will vary, so try making it from scratch, that way you are aware of what is going into your body.

The fat content in traditionally made mayonnaise is 70 to 80% fat. Because of the amount of oil in it is approx. 75%, but not saturated fat. In my eyes, it’s still a fat!

Mayonnaise can vary depending on who is making it, so if you just cannot say goodbye to mayonnaise, try making some for yourself and use healthy oils.

My choice you ask? Hummus!




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