8 tips on making your canine safe, happy and healthy


IMG_0659 (2)

Not only do we want to feed our dogs nutritious organic foods and have organic toys for them to tug and play with, their emotional well-being and exercise is important as well.

  1. If you are leaving your house to run an errand, for example, leave some kind of activity for them to do. You could leave a few treats behind for them to sniff out and find.
  2. Leave them with plenty of chew toys to stimulate them. Just make sure you are purchasing your furry friends toys from an organic source, this way you can be sure you are not putting toxins in their system.
  3. Socialize your furry friends with others. Take them for a walk or set up a play date for them.
  4. If you have a very active dog such as myself, throwing the ball, taking them for a hike or a run, is great exercise for them.
  5. Schedule veterinarian appointments to make sure they are getting a yearly check-up and don’t forget to get their teeth cleaned.
  6. A little obstacle course would be stimulating and fun. It is fun and challenging for them.
  7. Give your furry friend a massage.  By doing this before activity it can get that blood flowing, so they don’t strain themselves before active exercise and is also good for the quality of life and prolongs it.
  8. When taking your dog with you in the car, make sure you have them strapped in and safe. My dog in the picture below is strapped to the seat belt and in his high chair to be able to see out the window. At first, he wanted to sit on my lap, but after one car trip, he was just fine.

Tiko Car




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