Gluten, the topic for years now


Gluten Bread

Gluten is in wheat and grains such as barley, rye, and oats (I’ll get more into oats below).  It is a protein based on facts that it is made up of 80 It is actually a latin word for “glue”. The reason is because gluten holds bread together and has sturdy and malleable elastic structure that has a feeling of dough.

There are 2 types of protein in gluten. They are glutenins and gliadins. These two proteins make up for about 80 to 85% in a wheat ball dough. Back in the day, they use to refer to gluten as the key structure in bread baking. The rinsed ball dough that was referred to gluten also contained carbohydrates and fats, vitamins and minerals. Today, the term rinsed ball dough is rarely used because research studies are just referring to the proteins in it.

When I mentioned oats above, I’d like to get more into that by explaining that oats rather than containing glutenins and gliadins, oats contain a protein called avenins. When avenins get broken down they turn into peptides, which are smaller molecules that are similar to peptides breaking down in wheat.

Digestive issues or auto-immune – such as bloating, chronic diarrhea, constipation, weight loss, loss of energy, foul or fatty odor from stool or pale in color and vomiting.

Loss of energy – Brain fog, confusion and are unable to concentrate is a sign of gluten intolerance.

Muscle and joint pain – Gluten can cause your body to attack muscle and joints which leads you to inflammation and pain.

Migraines – Common triggers are from food intolerances, such as gluten containing grains.

Gluten intolerance can cause many things that upset your body. If you suffer from any of these, it might be time to see if you are allergic to gluten.


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