9 things to help you with a bad day

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  • Reflect – Let’s say you are at work and you are having a bad morning. How are you going to turn that frown upside down? One idea would be you are going to evaluate what transpired and reflect on it. By reflecting you can evaluate what happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again or at least hope not. Whether you made a mistake or it was someone else that was rude or yelling, don’t take it personally. Remember when you have yelled at someone and it wasn’t their fault? It was something that was angering you, inside yourself? Well, that could just be what transpired when someone possibly yelled at you. I’m sure if another person walks up to you and tries to console you, you’ll see that it was uncalled for and it was an issue within themselves for their behavior.
  • Fresh Air -Another idea would be to go outside and get some fresh air. You know, kind of cleansing the palette, so to speak. Go outside and see that everything around you has changed, from the smell, the colors, maybe a breeze in the air, some sun or maybe some rain touching your skin. Whatever, it is, you aren’t in there, where the bad juju is. Shrug it off before going back inside and go back in professional, courteous and positive.
  • Positive thinking- Try to think of the positives that have already transpired in the day. Whether you woke up with all 10 fingers and toes and you can see or maybe you had a nice breakfast.
  • Exercise -Now whether you are at work or at home, by all means go out and get some exercise. It improves your mental health and your mood by getting those endorphins going.
  • Music – Play your favorite type of music you enjoy.
  • Writing – By writing it down you get it out of your head and onto something else. You aren’t carrying that crap in your head. It’s a healthy way of letting it go.
  • Talk to someone – If you aren’t a writer, perhaps talking to someone might put things into perspective.
  • Meditate – You could meditate and take some nice calming deep breaths and take yourself somewhere else mentally.
  • Don’t take the bad day home – After each day try to have some type of ritual (maybe taking 10 minutes to just have some quiet time for yourself) you say to yourself to finish off your day and leave it there. Your family members will be happy you did.



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