It’s NOT just about eating healthy and exercise


It’s about a good night’s sleep, as well.  With many years as a sleep consultant, adequate sleep is about a healthy lifestyle. Did you know that without sleeping well, you can jeopardize your health? Without proper sleep, your body can become unhealthy and these things can include high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, heart attack, heart failure or stroke.

Sleep is beneficial for improved memory, curbing inflammation, creativity, performance, focusing, having a healthy weight, lowering your stress levels, living longer, helping you avoid accidents, depression, eye bags and dark circles.

You spend one-third of your life sleeping.  It is so imperative, you don’t even realize.  It’s not about what feels right, it’s about what support level you need, firm, medium or soft. Let me try and explain.  Back in the day, they taught us that a firmer support mattress was better for us.  However, you wonder why your hips and shoulders hurt or that your hands go numb or fall asleep? The mattress is too firm! Yup, basically, if you’re a side sleeper and your hips hurt or your hands go numb and/or fall asleep, your mattress is too firm. Go figure!  That is when you are sleeping your deepest. That doesn’t mean, I am suggesting you purchase a super soft mattress either.

Stanford University conducted a test and they found that the main reasons we toss and turn at night are because of our pressure points in the shoulders and hips.  Also, heat dissipation and an improper pillow can be a culprit as well. And when you toss and turn you are not in deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

If you have sleep apnea, hiatal hernia, acid reflux, bad circulation, snoring, back pain and/or a C-Pap machine then I suggest getting an adjustable base so that you can elevate your head and/or feet to help with any of these issues.

Are there mattresses online for sale? Absolutely! I would never purchase one this way, though. I ‘d want to feel it and lie on it for at least 10 to 15 minutes, to make sure my hips, shoulders or back didn’t hurt. And just because someone else likes a particular mattress or suggests one for you, doesn’t mean it is right for you. Everybody has different needs depending on age, weight, ailments, etc.

Your body needs good support.  I’ve always said that “Shoes and beds are where I spend my money”.  Think about it, we are talking about your whole skeletal system.

So just remember a healthy diet and exercise are important, but sleep is, as well.



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