Remember Celery?


Celery is a plant from the Apiaceae or Umbelliferae family. These are aromatic plants that grow celery, parsley, and carrots.

Without all the latest food fads, people tend to forget about good old celery and its key facts of benefitting your health. Did you know celery helps with many things such as being an anti-inflammatory as well as, an antioxidant for your kidneys?  It contains, vitamin A  (in the form of carotenoids) vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C, copper, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium with rich supplies of potassium, folate, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, fiber, sodium and plenty essential amino acids and folic acid.

  • Celery also has anti-cancer compounds, such as Acetylenic that have been shown to stop the growth of tumor cells.
  • Celery has Phenolic acids which block the action of prostaglandins that encourage the growth of tumor cells.
  • Celery has Coumarins, which help prevent free radicals from damaging cells.
  • Celery is also beneficial for effectively and significantly lower total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol.
  • Celery is wonderful for constipation, as it works as a laxative and relaxes the nerves because of the fiber benefits.
  • Celery is great as a diuretic, as well as, regulating your body fluid, stimulating urine flow and is helpful to prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s).
  • Celery helps curb your appetite for weight loss because it curbs those “sweet tooth” cravings.

When purchasing celery these are things I keep in mind. Organic bunches offer more nutrients and fewer pesticides, unlike conventional alternatives, which may also have a high level of pesticides in comparison to other produce. In most cases, the organic version costs a bit more, but is better quality and tastes better.

Helpful Tip: I realize that some of you who read this article will say juicing is a fad, as well as the latest vegetable. Don’t get me wrong, most people do not “juice” their celery or juice at all. By juicing the celery, the juice forms and acts as the perfect post-workout tonic as it replaces lost electrolytes and rehydrates the body with its rich minerals.

If you eat celery raw try it with some hummus, salad dressing and or peanut butter for some protein.


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