Pet toys contain what researchers call “alarming levels” of lead and other harmful chemicals

How many of us go to the pet stores and pick up toys for our pets? I am going to guess pretty much everyone has.  But, did you know that toys can have vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) in them?  Chlorine is one of the biggest building blocks in vinyl and we know that chlorine contains acid. In fact, it is used in our drinking water, swimming pools, and some household cleaners, as it works as a disinfectant and oxidize.


Don’t purchase toys with lead, dye, arsenic, or vinyl in them.  Example: Toys that are bright, indicate that there are dyes in them. Some dog bones contain chromium, lead, zinc, lime, sulfites, acids, and bleach. Yikes! Even though distributors will tell you their toys are natural and healthy, BEWARE!  Watch out for toys made in China, as 80% of them are made there. And just because they are made in the US, doesn’t mean they are any better.

It won’t be easy as we see many cute toys out there for our pets.  Remember, what is in a toy will then be ingested by your furry friend. You are basically going to need to find toys that are made with natural fibers. Wool, cotton, and hemp are a few things to start with.   You can also check Oeko Standard 100 and do some research there about the process of the manufacturing.

The best thing to do is once again, educate ourselves! Our furry friends are counting on us.

I’ve compiled a short list of places to purchase safe, eco-friendly pet toys below




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